Bio - Notepad

Hello my name is Jamie, I also typically go by JME, WhatsCPS, CPS & BlockingDead any of these are fine when talking to me doesn't matter which. I like computers a lot & have had years of experience fixing & tinkering with them most of the software I use is open source & if it isn't it's heavily monitors for malicious activity. I love reading TOS & PP on websites & software I use.

Over recent times, I've started to distance myself from computers & the internet to focus on "self-improvement" as people call it, for me it's just working out & stopping with the energy drinks so much (I used to drink 3-7 per day!). I do still spend a substantial amount of time online but I've started limiting myself so responses in DMS & emails have started to slow down!

Focused on privacy & internet security. Please do read the Privacy Policy.