Annoucement #1 - Notepad

Annoucement #1 | Welcome to a new me

God, I've never had one of these before kinda weird having these honestly never really thought I'd want one but here we are. So anyway where really to start.

This Website
So this website a lot of the core stuff for this site has been skidded from other websites on GitHub & stack overflow, now I do understand most of what is being done but not everything so development to look perfect will take a while as I have to remove useless code which is no longer needed and change things which I added a while ago which now needs changing.

Part of the reason why I've become more and more privacy focused is due to me doing a lot of illegal things now, I'm not going to be specifying what I'm doing and I'm not going to be giving ways for you to find on what I use to keep my information safe but I recommend you, yes you even if all you do is pirate shows online I recommend you start looking at keeping your information safer. Technology is getting smarter and smarter at an alarming rate & you can never be too early to start becoming privacy safe but you can be too late. If you wanna look into becoming properly safe online I would suggest downloading Tor Browser and finding .onion sites which talk about privacy, never just take information from one site though always take information from multiple as people will have biases.

Created at: 22:00 - 6th Febuary 2023