Website Revamp #4 - Notepad

Website Revamp #4 | The ACTUAL final Revamp

LOL the last blog post was kinda truthful I don't want to spend days/weeks re-coding the whole site constantly, but also just looking through code constantly, the old version of the site was very fancy and had loads of code which just made it complicated the old site was roughly 70mb in size & this current one is less than 7mb, so yeah...

I wasn't lying about how I wanted it to be easier for me to read and look through but I kinda under estimated how much time I'd have to work on my website & looking through 70mb of code when trying to optimize things ain't nice. This is much easier so yeah unless I get REALLY SICK and want just a white background with like no formatting kinda like it was just an ACTUAL notepad file this will be my last revamp of design.

Created at: 20:00 - 15th August 2023